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Lancôme Juicy Shaker 201 Piece of Cake

Brand: Lancôme

Updated: 2016-09-06 09:12:54

A SPLASH OF SHINY COLOUR AND AN INTENSELY SOFT SENSATION: THE SURPRISE OF A BIPHASIC FORMULA- Colour, shine, sensoriality and comfort… Juicy Shaker reconciles the apparently irreconcilable. This genuine tour de force relies on an original formula. Its surprising biphasic texture allows it to team the shine and comfort of an oil with the vibrant colour of lacquered pigments. The on-the-lips result? A flush of adjustable, made-to-measure colour with the glossy finish and lipcare effects of an oil, without any sticky sensation. *Benefits* - PHASE 1: AN INGENIOUS BLEND OF SILKY OILS The Juicy Shaker texture literally fuses with lips on application, thanks to four precious ingredients: oils with complementary properties, which instantly offer lips a smooth and plumped-up look, alongside dazzling shine and absolutely no sticky sensation. Peach kernel oil, softening and nourishing. Sweet almond oil, to leave lips supple and re-structured. Cranberry oil, anti-oxidant, protective and restorative of skin’s protective barrier because of its richness in Omega 3 and 6. Musk rose oil, regenerating and soothing.- PHASE 2: AN INFUSION OF PIGMENTS Thanks to its original biphasic formula, Juicy Shaker combines comfort with the colour impact of perfectly dosed pigments in a multitude of vibrant shades with an adjustable finish… A dispersant agent guarantees uniform pigment diffusion when the texture is shaken, for perfect colour distribution on application. Result: freshly shaken, Juicy Shaker dresses lips in a splash of radiant colour. Repeat application until you achieve the desired colour intensity. Simply brilliant…

+ 2% Cashback Point

Rp 450.000

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